Mrs. Sue Miller

April 2019

"I would recommend Dr. Matthew Prince to anyone having knee, hip or shoulder pain.  I had shoulder surgery and was extremely pleased the way he did the surgery and the portal call he gave to therapist.   Dr. Prince is a master at what he does and how he does it.  Thank you Dr. Prince for being there for us in our time of need."  -read the full review on facebook :)

Mrs. Dianna Frankfurth

April 2019

"My husband and I are both extremely lucky and grateful to have Dr. Matthew Prince as our doctor and surgeon.  I started seeing him in July of 2017 for running injuries.  He has helped me with hip and knee pain and has always given me options and helps me decide the best course of action.....He is the best!  I could not recommend him more highly"  -read the full review on facebook :)

Mr. Ricardo Diaz

June 2018

"I had a total knee replacement done in January 24th 2018, today is June 27 2018.  At 5 months from my surgery I can do more stuff than I was not able to do in years!! , the pain is gone, my leg strength is back, I feel GREAT!! Fantastic work from Doctor Matthew, couldn't be more happy with the results" -read the full review on facebook :)